Total support for import and export documentations!

Customs Brokerage

We were licensed as a Customs Broker by Osaka Customs in November, 2004.
Quicker export clearance is possible in Fukui than in crowded ports or airports like Osaka and Kobe. Besides, costs for short-dray, roofs, and consumption tax are cut when the containers are transported as foreign cargo toward the CY of the national ports.
Fukuei Souko draws up export documents, such as invoices and packing lists.

Acquisition of NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier)
for international transportation.

(First in Fukui and Ishikawa)

International combined transport operator (authorized by JIFFA) undertakes the operations of international combined transport such as land transport from the pick up point to the loading port, marine transport, and land transport from the unloading port to the destination as well as clearance operations.

Hozei Warehouse

Imported foreign cargos can be taken in our Hozei Warehouse (licensed by Osaka Customs in July, 2004) by bonded transportation. Therefore, foreign cargos can be inspected, repacked and assorted before being domestic cargos, and returned with customs duty and consumption tax unpaid when they need to be sent back. Thus, we promise to support speedy foreign trade by utilizing our function as an inland depot.

Photo:Movable platformPhoto:Building and bond warehouse